Our Fees & Charges

  • A full list of fees is on display at Reception
  • Payment at the time of consultation is appreciated
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard or EFTPOS

The Medicare rebate has been frozen for some time, however the costs associated with providing high quality care have not.
Your fee doesn’t just pay the doctors, it pays for all the things you see . . .
reception, nursing, administration and cleaning staff, essential medical equipment
and many things you don’t see . . .
training, registration, compliance and other costs

If you are registered with Medicare, the refund can be transferred by EFT into your account within 15 minutes.


Medicare rebates for telehealth are available for telephone consultations for patients who have been seen in person in the practice in the last 12 months.
After receiving the medicare rebate, patients will be out of pocket $20 for a telehealth consultation.

  • Repeat scripts/repeat referrals/phone consultations < 6min  $37.90 (medicare rebate $17.90)
  • Longer phone consultations > 6minutes                                       $59.10 (medicare rebate $39.10)

Your doctor may ask you to book a face to face appointment if the issue can not be adequately assessed over the telephone.

Face to Face Appointments from 1 August 2021

After receiving the Medicare rebate patients will be out of pocket of $35:

  • Standard appointment < 20 minutes $74.10   (medicare rebate $39.10)
  • Long appointment > 20 minutes         $110.75 (medicare rebate $75.75)

Bulk billing:
On weekdays, pensioners, health care care holders, DVA gold card holders and children aged 15 years and under are bulk billed.

Bulk billing is not available on Saturdays.

Iron Injections:
Iron injections $100 out of pocket fee after Medicare rebate.


$180 for 1 hour consultation
Medicare rebate is $87.45 if patient has current mental health care treatment plan in place.
Out of pocket fee is $92.55


Initial Consult = $80
Follow up Consult = $78
With chronic disease management referral plan (rebate is $55.10) Out of pocket $22.90
DVA Gold Card Holders – bulk billed


Initial consultation $110 (45 mins)
Subsequent consultation $90 (30 mins)

Allied Health Medicare Rebates

With a chronic disease management plan referral in place the Medicare rebate for podiatry, dietician and physiotherapy is $55.10.